Kim Is DeadOn Monday morning, the week-old Keep a Child Alive campaign had raised around a third of its $1 million goal to support families affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa, according to a tally on its donations website. By the end of the day they hit a cool mil. How? Thanks to a huge donation of $500,000 from billionaire pharmaceutical exec Stewart Rahr, all the celebs -- including organizer Alicia Keys and Kim Kardashian -- can again hit up their social media accounts, which they all agreed to abandon until the money was raised.

"I am back from the dead!" Kardashian announced Monday evening. "Thank you all so much for your donations and contributions! I have missed u all so much!!!"

Keys announced Monday that the charity reached its $1 million fund-raising goal in honor of last week's World AIDS Day. She made sure to give Rahr a major shout-out for stepping up to the plate.