Rico Rodriguez, the hilarious 12-year old actor who plays Manny Delgado on 'Modern Family,' says he's really nothing like the precocious character he plays on TV.

"The one thing that's similar about us is that we're both uncles," he says. "I have five nieces and one nephew on the way. People always say I'm too young to be an uncle, and I'm like wait? There's an age-limit to be an uncle?"

Rico's real-life, "big, happy family" does include an uncle who's "pretty much Phil Dunfy," and an aunt who's just like Clair. "She's the boss," he laughs. "And he's the one goofing around and cracking us up."

Rico says he wasn't always the confident, outgoing young man he is today. "I was probably the shyest boy known to man," he says. "I would never think about doing anything like acting, until three or four years ago, my sister was doing it. And I was like, hmmm, I might could try that."