Chelsea Handler to Katie Couric: 'Funny Trumps Everything in My Mind'Chelsea Handler has a well-earned reputation as a tough cookie, but in her recent interview with Katie Couric, the comedienne shows off her softer side (she has one!) between barbs.

The news anchor and Glamour correspondent, who became a lifelong fan of Handler's raucous humor after inviting her to last year's White House Correspondents' Dinner, interviewed the late-night host for the magazine, getting Handler to open up about everything from Brangelina to bullying.

New Jersey native Handler, the youngest of six children, describes first honing her comedic talent as a child, despite her detractors.

"As a child, I didn't necessarily know if I was funny or not," she says. "I sure thought I was, and my family was really funny, so together nobody really stood out as being particularly funny because we all just kind of got a kick out of each other. And I got in trouble in school a lot, so whatever I thought was funny wasn't being interpreted that way at school. And that's when I was like, Wow, maybe I'm just really annoying."