kerli army of love Kerli is getting closer to the premiere of her new music video for 'Army of Love,' and has been checking in with PopEater with exclusive websiodes that give fans a special behind-the-scenes look at the progression of the shoot.

"'Army of Love' is the kind of army that uses integrity love and unity as weapons, and as we picked some super grimy locations to represent the restriction, I really wanted the characters to be completely magical and represent faith," Kerli says of the video concept. "You know, like little beacons of light in the darkness."

In her latest video, the talented singer further demonstrates her innate styling abilities, showing viewers how she transforms models into moon children. Fans also get a sneak peek at Kerli's 'Army of Love' outfit, as well as the lace-adorned boots that took her two weeks to make. Watch the new webisode below, and learn more about Kerli and the I.L.U movement at