There's nothing quite like a little bit of controversy to drum up interest in a movie. In the case of low-budget indie flick 'Blue Valentine,' the hub-bub revolved around an oral sex scene, an NC-17 rating and the outrage that followed from critics, who accused the Motion Picture Association of America of hypocrisy given that another recent release has a similar scene and yet earned an R rating. "I don't understand why an oral sex scene between two girls in 'Black Swan' is rated R but an oral sex scene between a husband and a wife in 'Blue Valentine' is considered pornographic," actor Ryan Gosling, star of 'Valentine,' told PopEater on Dec. 7. A day later, the MPAA reversed the ruling and granted the film an R.

Gosling, who cried foul about the "double standard" of the initial rating, now says in a statement that he's "over the moon" about the MPAA's decision to flip their ruling.