Who Made Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People List?Actors, musicians, and entertainers are routinely rewarded for their ability to captivate the masses, but when it comes to the most fascinating people of the year, Barbara Walters is the definitive judge.

Walter's 2010 list included the people who wowed the world this year, from princess-to-be Kate Middleton to octogenarian actress Betty White, making sure to leave a little room for the big muscles and even bigger hair of the 'Jersey Shore' cast.

However, the most fascinating individual of 2010 isn't a TV star or other celebrity, he's none other than General David Petraeus, lead commander of our America's war overseas. As reported by PEOPLE, Walters commended Petraeus' benevolence toward the citizens of Afghanistan.

"In life, it seems, there are people who break things and people who fix them," Walters said of Petraeus. "This man is a fixer."

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