Pop-Ed: When will she ever learn? As video of Miley Cyrus hitting a bong loaded with salvia sears itself into the collective consciousness of the Internet, it's hard not to wonder why the 18-year-old mega-star has once again allowed herself to be filmed in a compromising situation.

Cyrus has a long and storied history of letting people film her doing silly things. Whether she's grinding on director Adam Shankman or posing for pictures while slanting her eyes, Cyrus, who began her professional career in 2001 at the age of eight, has repeatedly endured criticism for her off-screen behavior ... behavior none of us would even know about if she'd simply ask her "friends" to put the camera down.

We want to be very clear here: We are not chastising Cyrus for her behavior. She is young, her life is her own, and by all accounts, she did nothing illegal. Once upon a time, we were teenagers too and we did some stupid, reckless things. Of course, we're nearly a decade Cyrus' senior (gross!) and came of age before the Internet birthed a generation of compulsive narcissism technology had advanced to a point that made documenting our every move possible.