Video: What's Miley Cyrus' Role Model Status Post-Bong Tape?Cell phones with cameras have become Miley Cyrus' worst enemy.

After the Disney starlet, 18, got caught smoking salvia (as seen on a famously leaked video from a party inside her home), PopEater wondered how people on the street thought her latest controversy would affect her role model status.

Our crew withstood the cold winds in Times Square this week to give people a close-up look at the video on our handy-dandy iPad, and the resounding response was shock and surprise. Most are worried that Miley is on the fast lane toward Lindsay Lohan territory, while some couldn't care less if the 'Hannah Montana' star wants to smoke a little bit (the hallucinogenic herb salvia is legal in California).

Any way you look at it, the latest Miley video, as seen on the bustling streets of New York City, resulted in some pretty hilarious faces.

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