Nicholas Brooks, the 24-year-old son of Oscar-winning songwriter Joseph Brooks, was arrested Friday, according to the Associated Press, on charges of attempted murder and strangulation in the death of 33-year-old Sylvie Cachay -- the swimwear designer he was dating until they broke up not long before the shocking crime scene was discovered.

Around 3 a.m. on Thursday, Cachay's half-clothed body was found in an overflowing bathtub inside New York's posh Soho House. Water had been leaking into a hotel room below, when staff was alerted and decided to enter Cachay's room. Police said the victim had small red marks on her neck, but found no signs of struggle or illegal substances in the room.

The Soho House, known as a private club for upscale parties and social events frequented by celebs, also operates a boutique hotel inside its establishment, at which club members get discounts on their overnight stays. Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham and Naomi Watts have all reportedly been guests there, and 'Sex and the City' filmed scenes at its pool.

Before the arrest, investigators took in Brooks for questioning and obtained a search warrant to take swabs from under his fingernails.

In a bizarre twist, Nicholas Brooks' 72-year-old father was indicted just last year: The composer (most famous for his 1977 Debby Boone hit 'You Light Up My Life') was charged in 2009 with 82 counts of sexual assault, and is currently awaiting trial. Joseph Brooks allegedly solicited "auditions" from starlets on the internet, doped victims with date-rape drugs and assaulted them. When the New York Post asked the elder Brooks on Friday if he knew his son was a suspect in a murder case, he replied, "I did."