After making her mark on 'Ally McBeal,' the 'Charlie's Angels' movies, and the short-lived ABC series 'Dirty Sexy Money,' Lucy Liu is back on TV this weekend, starring in a new Lifetime movie called 'Marry Me' (airing Sunday at 9 p.m. EST -- continued with Part 2 on Monday night). It's a sweet and charming departure for Liu, about a successful single woman named Rae Ann choosing between three love interests (Bobby Cannavale, Steven Pasquale, Enrique Murciano). PopEater spoke to the star, 42, about her light-hearted new role -- and the designer who transformed her character into a fashionable feast for the eyes.

Tell us about 'Marry Me.'
It's a romantic comedy about a woman searching for Mr.Right, her Prince Charming. She gets confused, because it ends up being from zero to three different guys she has a possibility of being with.

Do you believe in Prince Charming?
I do. I definitely think the definition of Prince Charming changes, but I think everyone has that in their mind, who their ideal person is, and the fairy tale of what you would like in your life. I think it's good to have a goal. The thing about this character, she finds it's not actually what she wants in the end. Sometimes that's what we do in life, you realize that wasn't the right person for you.