NY Mag Dubs Charlie Sheen's Meltdown a 'Reason to Love New York'People call New York the greatest city in the world for a lot of reasons: Food, skyscrapers, culture, music, and now we can add Charlie Sheen's debauchery to the list.

Thanks to tight number crunching and witty commentary by New York Magazine, Charlie's allegedly drug-induced fiasco back in October has been dubbed one of the mag's patented annual 'Reasons to Love New York.' Never knock the solid boost a good celebrity meltdown can give to the struggling economy!

Only in NYC can a guy spend an estimated $192,770 in one night, culminating in a hospital visit and assault charges from a porn star escort.

Well, maybe Las Vegas could compete. And to be fair, $165,000 of what the magazine terms the Sheen Stimulus comes from a single watch he lost on that special evening.