Kat Von D's fame has skyrocketed in the past couple of years -- she's grown from being known solely as a tattoo artist into a TV star on 'LA Ink,' a distinction that has also made her the subject of celebrity gossip from time to time. In 2009, she published 'High Voltage Tattoo,' a graphic depiction of today's tattoo culture. Now, she's following up with 'The Tattoo Chronicles,' a very intimate and personal illustrated diary. Filled with pictures of her tattoo work, Kat is candid about her relationships with friends and lovers, and she tells stories of various tattoos that have impacted her life.

PopEater caught up with Kat while she was in Toronto promoting her new book. She opened up to us about how she started writing, why she was driven to tattoo artistry, and whether she thinks she's treated fairly by the media.

"I think I'm just so used to being an easy target," she tells us, noting that she's been heavily inked since about 14. "It's pretty hard to be affected by other people's criticism or gossip. I think if you know your own truth, then none of that stuff really matters."

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