Movie executives were dealing with flared ulcers and pulsating migraines Monday after the Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp vehicle 'The Tourist' bombed at the box office, getting beaten by an animated lion (the newest 'Chronicles of Narnia') despite starring two of the most bankable stars in all of moviedom. This leads many to wonder, did Chelsea Handler's blunt jokes about Angie play a role in turning moviegoers against her?

"It's not that Chelsea is the most powerful movie critic the world has ever known, it's that she reminded all of America what Angelina had done all over again. Chelsea picked an ugly scab off a wound that Angelina had worked so hard to heal with her humanitarian work," an industry executive tells me. "What woman in America is going to pay money to see Angelina ruin one man's life on-screen when we all saw her [ruin Jen's marriage] for free in real life?"