Sting may be a fan of wife Trudie Styler's new yoga-inspired workout DVD, 'Pure Sculpt,' but she tells PopEater that the 'Fields of Gold' singer doesn't really need to try out the program, which targets the body's trouble spots. "He doesn't have any trouble spots!" she tells us.

When we told Mrs. Sting that we couldn't agree more, she laughed. "He's got great glutes!"

Styler just released 'Trudie Styler's Pure Sculpt' for Gaiam, which she made with her longtime friend and trainer, James D'Silva.

"We break down the trouble spots of the body, if you like -- namely the abs, glutes and arms -- and focus in on those areas where we can tone the body by spending 15 minutes on each bit of those areas," she says.

For what it's worth, Styler doesn't seem to have any trouble spots, either.