Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift turned 21 on Monday, Dec. 13, and she began celebrating her big day in the Nashville studios of radio station WSIX with retiring deejay Gerry House and his staff.

Gerry presented Taylor with a cake and a birthday card, which helped start her day off with a few laughs. "There's a dog on the front looking really peaceful," Taylor explained for radio listeners. "It says, 'Oh, yeah!' [opening card to read inside] 'Hope your birthday leaves you scratched in all the right places.' That's classy, thank you!" she said with a laugh.

Gerry asked Taylor what she had planned for her milestone birthday. "Plans? For my birthday? This is it! This was all I planned for," she joked, noting the inclement weather plaguing Music City. "It's snowing outside ... it snowed yesterday, so I don't really know, it kind of limits activities. I may sit inside my apartment and just like pretend I'm in a snow globe. But that's all I really have planned for today. No pressure or anything ... it's been great so far. Later on, I might have plans, but not really during the day."