Although he's been known to sing some moody and depressing ballads, James Blunt is looking at the happier side of life on his upcoming album 'Some Kind of Trouble,' which is out Jan. 18.

"It's f---ing happy," Blunt tells PopEater. "There are a few of those ballads on the album, but yes, it's is much more upbeat and energetic. That's because I wrote before on acoustic guitar -- and I always wrote miserable songs on acoustic -- but this time around I went into the studio and wrote on electric guitar with basses and amps and all kinds of toys, and it gave me the chance to write more upbeat songs. That's all it was. I had far too much fun in the studio."

The album's first single, 'Stay the Night,' is a clear example of this new musical direction the pop-rock singer is taking. Complete with a beach party and all summer fun you'd want, 'Stay the Night' is a track that can put anyone in a good mood. PopEater recently had the chance to talk to the London musician about the new material, life on the road and how he really feels about 'You're Beautiful.'