Michael Ian Black -- Defining Moments

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Michael Ian Black

Funnyman Michael Ian Black ('Ed,' VH1's 'I Love the ...') can currently be found on Crackle's new Web series 'Backwash.' But when he reflects on a defining moment, he hears laughter from his early days in comedy as a member of the influential sketch troupe 'The State,' who were true superstars to MTV fans in the mid-'90s.

"When I was a freshman in college, I helped start ['The State']. Our first show when I was 18 was the first time that I had ever been in front of an audience and done things specifically for laughter, and had no confidence in my ability to do that." Black says that when it got a great response "it was a revelatory moment."

"Nobody was out there telling me that I was a funny person particularly," says Black. "I thought I was funny. I would do things that were probably not particularly funny by the standard of my peers but I found very funny." Like what? "My friends and I spent an afternoon making posters for a fake afterschool club that we then snuck into the school and put posters all around the school. The club was called The Cheez-Its and Apple Jacks Club. The important part was the "and" as if there were two separate clubs and we were going to put them together for people who liked both. At the time that seemed very funny. In retrospect, it still seems very funny."

Whatever requires me to do the least amount for the most amount of money is the job I would like to have. I don't need fame, but I'll certainly take fortune.

When Black is thinking about how to make it even bigger, one job stands out. "If you could be as successful as you want to be, just be a movie star. That's the easiest thing to be and it clearly about ease for me. If you could be a successful movie star, that's a great job. All you do is sit in your trailer all day, they say 'we need you' and you go 'alright' and you work for seven or eight minutes and they change the camera and you go back to your trailer and you get paid an obscene amount of money and you do almost nothing. Whatever requires me to do the least amount for the most amount of money is the job I would like to have. I don't need fame but I'll certainly take fortune."

Michael Ian Black is an active Tweeter. Follow him @MichaelIanBlack. PopEater was particularly tickled by this Tweet during a very-heavy celeb breakup week: "Devastated by Ryan and Scarlett news. Haven't been this upset about a celebrity break-up since the Dexter guy yesterday."

Watch Black and Jon Hamm in 'Backwash' on Crackle

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