Glenn Close Playing a Man? Other Actresses We Want to See Play DragOften when male actors dress up in drag, it's downright hilarious, but when actresses go dude-ly for a role, it's usually for a gutsy performance. Glenn Close was spotted in Dublin dressed as a 19th century cross-dresser for her upcoming dream movie 'Albert Nobbs,' New York Daily News reports. In light of this and some other great performances of male characters played by female actresses, like Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan in 'I'm Not There,' we slipped into our wild imaginations to conjure up the best actresses we think would make great dudes in movies. The selections aren't based on manly physical features, but rather on the body of work and style each actress boasts.

Natalie Portman
Former Queen Amadala is the favorite to win Best Actress this year for 'Black Swan,' but it's not her ballerina character that makes us believe she can play a tough guy, it's her rapping chops. Her genius hip-hop video on 'SNL' was hilarious and showed a completely different side of the sweet-looking Natalie Portman. Top that with her vicious eyes and good looks in short hair, she could play a scary drug-dealing boxer -- we mean that in the best possible way.