Extraneous Lyrics video Rihanna's hook on 'Love the Way You Lie' is so damned catchy, it doesn't stop shimmering even when the words get changed and multiplied by a vocabulary maniac in a new video called 'Extraneous Lyrics.' In the ultra-wordy pop medley, YouTube user okaysamurai, AKA Dave Werner, sings -- to the exact tune of Rihanna and Eminem's hit -- "You're just gonna stand in one place and watch while I'm completely engulfed in flames / But that's actually okay because I enjoy the pain associated with my flesh being burned."

Sounds ridiculous, but once this songsmith starts rewording Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance,' Justin Bieber's 'Baby,' and Cee Lo's 'F**k You' (see photo above), singing them like overly ambitious instruction manuals, it's pure gold. Watch it after the jump!