Rob Shuter Joy Behar sure has a great sense of humor. This year, 'The Joy Behar Show' booking team brought cheer to all with a photoshopped Christmas card of Joy and Bill O'Reilly caught in a warm embrace. The photo has everyone howling with laughter.

In case you forgot, Joy stormed off the set of 'The View' following several controversial remarks from Bill, who insisted it would be "inappropriate" to have a Muslim place of worship so close to Ground Zero. The heated discussion went back and forth, but the blowout came after he said, "Muslims killed us on 9/11." As Bill continued to argue, the enraged host walked off the set.

Over the weekend, Behar and the outspoken 'O'Reilly Factor' star came face-to-face at President Obama's Christmas party at the White House, and she said they were able to move beyond their bitter feud. The card is completely genius, but I can't wait to see how Bill reacts.