As the $65 million Broadway behemoth 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' continues working out its widely reported kinks -- producers just announced another postponement of the opening date, after extensive media coverage of cast injuries and technical problems -- suspense builds about what the show will finally be like.

Well, Conan O'Brien knows! Or thinks he does, anyway. The late-night host has been shedding light on that mystery with supremely silly "preview" scenes of the Spidey musical.

The real show is in an increasingly sticky situation. With a score by U2's Bono and The Edge, and direction from the visionary behind 'The Lion King' (on Broadway) and 'The Tempest' (on the big screen now), Julie Taymor, the ambitious production has sky-high artistic expectations. Will the cast and creators end up taking the comic-book character way too seriously? Team Coco hopes not!

Watch Conan & Co.'s version of the Spider-Man musical here: