In 2010, Hollywood went bonkers for 3-D, hoping (and often failing) to emulate the runaway success of 'Avatar.' But attention, fans of James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster, because there's more Pandora -- and Jake Sully -- on the way, in the form of an upcoming sequel.

"We've been discussing that with Jim," Sam Worthington told Moviefone from the set of his new film, 'Man on a Ledge.' "He had some ideas he told us, while we were filming, which were really cool and out there."

The 34-year-old Aussie actor (he was born in England but raised down under) explained the work Cameron's doing to recreate Pandora: "At the moment, he's still writing what he calls 'The Bible' and detailing the world. Once he's detailed the world -- more so than it's already detailed in his big brain, anyway -- then, he said he can write the script, and we can go explore the world. Things like going underwater....going in the floating mountains."

And what's in store for his character, Jake Sully, the Marine who adapts to an 'avatar' body and helps defend an alien moon with his Na'vi love (Zoe Saldana)?