Have these coy cuties been caught? Although Selena Gomez recently denied being anything more than friends with pop star Justin Bieber, the 'Wizards of Waverly Place' star was spotted this weekend in a very flirty mood, laughing while casually strolling in South Beach with the 16-year-old teen idol.

Wearing a trendy off-the-shoulder sweater, the 18-year-old beauty seemed relaxed but amused as she and Bieber, grinning back at her, realized they were being photographed (RadarOnline has the images here).

The two are reportedly staying at the same hotel in Miami, where Bieber played a concert last night. After the show at American Airlines Arena (random Bieber-fever alert: Johnny Depp was in the audience), Gomez was seen backstage, and photographed boarding Bieber's tour bus with him.

Perhaps Gomez is in town to keep an eye on Jasmine V, the singer who is not only Bieber's opening act, but the girl spotted kissing him in the backseat of a car in September (Bieber recently told Barbara Walters there was no relationship to speak of: "It was just a kiss."). Meanwhile, rumors of a new romance were sparked earlier this month when Bieber was seen exiting a Philadelphia pancake restaurant arm-in-arm with Gomez.