Top 10 Sexiest Movie Scenes of 2010Since 2010 was such a steamy year for movies, we wanted to relive every heart-pounding moment one more time before turning the page. The ones that made our top 10 list include a scene where two ballerinas get hot and heavy, another with a red-hot kitchen encounter, one so racy it earned the film a dreaded NC-17 rating (at first) and also the sexiest action scene of the year.

(WARNING: Some clips contain explicit content and may be NSFW)

10. The Field Sex Scene ('I Am Love')

This is surely one of the artsiest sex scenes ever filmed: The camera cuts back and forth from intimate close-ups of Tilda Swinton and her young lover getting it on in a field to shots of flowers. The extreme closeness of the camera almost makes their bodies into abstract art, while the intercutting with the beauty of nature around them screams, "It's so natural!"