Anis Cheurfa TronFrench native Anis Cheurfa moved from Paris to LA to be close to his girlfriend and work on his unique brand of martial artist stunt-work known as "tricking."

Next thing he knew, he was getting scooped up to star in the years-in-the-making 'Tron: Legacy' as "the best fighter in the 'Tron' universe."

Cheurfa tells PopEater: "They told us the director of 'Tron: Legacy' [Joseph Kosinski] was going to be coming into the gym and wanted to see us do some flips with the discs and stuff. We did, and the director said I had, I guess, the perfect height and athleticism. So he chose me."

The 23-year-old star -- pictured here at the 'Tron: Legacy' premiere, his first ever, wearing his first tuxedo ever -- told us more about tricking, stepping onto a Hollywood set, and exactly how much action you see onscreen is real. Read our interview after the jump.