Chris Brown and Keri HilsonKeri Hilson -- jokingly -- questioned Chris Brown's manhood in a backstage promotional video for her sophomore album 'No Boys Allowed'. Brown responded by giving Ms. Hilson a lapdance on stage in front of an appreciative crowd.

In the initial part of the promotional video, rappers Bow Wow, Waka Flocka Flame, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em talk about Keri Hilson's upcoming album 'No Boys Allowed'.

Brown also chimes in about the album when Hilson comes by singing, he comments on the name of the album, but says that since he is a man, he is on the album. "He says he's a man ...," Hilson jokes as a response to Brown's comments. Hilson ends up eating her words when Brown seduces her onstage. Check out the video after the jump.