Eliza Dushku's 30th Birthday Wish: Assistance For Child SoldiersWhile many people imagine lavish gifts and parties when they think about their birthday, actress Eliza Dushku's only wish an altruistic one.

The 'Dollhouse' star enlisted Tonic's help in her quest to buy land in Uganda on which to build a recovery facility for the war-torn African nation's child soldiers and women forced into the sex trade.

Dushku describes how children are "still coming out of the bush after being grabbed out of bed in the middle of the night and handed an AK-47."

The actress, who turns 30 on December 30th, is enlisting the help of generous individuals to raise $30,000 needed to assist these individuals. The actress, who visited Gulu, Uganda in 2009 with her mother and boyfriend, Rick Fox, says of the effort, "Think of these kids being forced to become killers. I can't imagine anything more horrifying."