Keith Urban and Nicole KidmanKeith Urban has to share wife Nicole Kidman with the world during the making and release of her movies, including her latest and possibly darkest film to date, 'Rabbit Hole,' but he doesn't mind. In fact, these days he has to encourage his talented wife to continue sharing her gifts with the world, according to Kidman, who admits she's perfectly content to stay home with Keith and their daughter Sunday.

"I'm in a place where I just don't want to take on too much," Kidman tells the Associated Press. "It's not about, 'Oh my gosh, I've got to get all these things for myself,' because I love being at home. But my husband and my mother will say, 'You shouldn't just abandon your talent. You should still get out there and do some things every now and then, because you'll appreciate that over the next few decades.' And I suppose they're right, because part of me could easily just keep nesting and staying at home."