Taylor Momsen's 'Gossip Girl' Family Comes Out in Her DefenseTaylor Momsen has been vocal about her parents cutting her childhood short by pushing her into the spotlight, but the young actress does seem to have at least one adult in her corner: 'Gossip Girl' co-star Kelly Rutherford.

Rutherford, who plays Momsen's socialite stepmother Lily van der Woodsen on the show, has come out in the young star's defense, downplaying reports that Momsen was asked to leave the show.

The actress and mother of two told HollywoodLife of Momsen, "Her passion has just really become her music, Taylor's out there doing her music and if you hear her music you understand why she is so passionate. You can hear it. I love Jenny Humphrey, but Jenny Humphrey really loves rock and roll."

Rutherford also addressed the young star's attention getting antics, saying, "I think she's young and is exploring her world and she's exploring being an artist. I think it's important to be fully expressed."