Kerli Kerli has been diligently checking in with PopEater over the last few weeks, giving fans a special behind-the-scenes look at her new 'Army of Love' video. Last week, the Estonia native premiered her new single, and now she's returned with her final video blog before the unveiling of her new music video.

After showing her moon children so much from the set, Kerli had to think hard about the journey she'd take fans on this week. "I actually found some footage of a few rare moments when I got to take an evening off and check out other stuff in Estonia than just my set and the lab," she says.

In her last entry, viewers get to watch Kerli on a magazine cover shoot and hitting a Tallinn Dolls fashion show. In addition to her video blog, the pop star has included 10 official images from the 'Army of Love' set, which Kerli hand-picked for her fans. Watch the clip and take a look at the gallery after the jump. For more information on Kerli and the I.L.U. movement, visit