Sandra BullockIt's tough to decide how to follow up an Oscar win. The next project an actor or actress chooses will necessarily be compared to the role that won Hollywood's highest honor. Unless you're Helen Mirren, nothing really ends up stacking up.

One trend Oscar watchers have noted is the Best Actress winner taking a big payday on a not so great movie following her big Oscar win, perhaps to capitalize on an initial Oscar bump and the good will of her peers. The rule of thumb is that it is OK to make a stinker if you just walked away with a little gold man.

After Halle Berry won the award in 2001 for her performance in Monster's Ball she took on the lead in the onscreen adaptation of 'Catwoman,' for which she received a reported $14 million paycheck and a Razzie. After Charlize Theron won the award in 2003 for 'Monster' she accepted a role in the post-apocalyptic sci-fi stinker 'Aeon Flux,' with a reported pay day of $10 million. (The movie only made $25 million at the box office).

Now last year's best actress winner Sandra Bullock is slated to star in 'Gravity,' the story of two survivors of a space station explosion (the result of a wayward asteroid). Bullock is expected to portray a mother who is determined to return to her young child back on earth. George Clooney is reported to star opposite Bullock, replacing Robert Downey Jr., who bowed out due to scheduling difficulties.