'How I Met Your Mother' actor Jason Segel has been passionate about the Muppets since he was small. And now he gets to be a part of the Muppets legacy as he is writing and directing their big-screen comeback in the upcoming movie 'The Muppets'.

Segel was on the 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' when he revealed that during the first table read of the script, the Muppets were brought in to perform their parts, so it wasn't just the voice actors sitting around. "Kermit comes out," he said. "He goes, 'Hi-ho' and then I said I needed a five minute break."

Upon showing a picture of the table read, Jimmy Fallon noticed an unknown Muppet. He asked Segel "A tech Muppet?" referencing the smart phone the puppet was holding. Segel admitted that it was a new Muppet. "He was born in my brain, his name is Walter. He's the sweetest Muppet of all time." Watch the video after the jump.