Kathy Griffin is back hosting CNN's New Year's Eve show with Anderson Cooper, which is a wee bit surprising seeing as she was unceremoniously fired from the gig after last year's F-bomb drop. The flame-haired comedienne dished to us about working with "the world's Anderson Cooper," why she hopes Miley Cyrus has started a salvia trend and yes, her nemesis Bristol Palin.

Weren't you fired from CNN's New Year's show?
Yes, I was fired. They issued a statement. I was banned from CNN and then as Anderson Cooper says, "There was a change in management," which was great because the guy who fired me got fired, so being the cockroach that I am, I'm just going to outlast everybody. That's my career philosophy; it's not a very deep one. I basically have the survivor moniker in my life which is, outlast, outwit, outplay. That's what I've done with the management at CNN.