Kerli Army of Love For the last three weeks, Kerli has been submitting video blogs featuring never-before-seen footage from her new music video, 'Army of Love.' Now, the Estonia native is ready to show her moon children the finished product, along with one more special behind-the-scenes clip, which shows the making of her latest masterpiece.

Kerli has been the ultimate tour guide, taking fans inside her "lab" where each imaginative costume was made. Viewers also got to go on location with the pop star, hitting three Estonia sites. Last week, fans were able to hear the full single in PopEater's exclusive song premiere, and most recently, Kerli took a much needed day off and showed her devotees what she did off set.

Now, her loyal moon children will get to put together all of the pieces and see the completed visual. Watch the full 'Army of Love' video and the behind-the-scenes clip after the jump. For more information on Kerli and the I.L.U. movement, visit