Michelle Williams Still Struggling with the Meaning of Heath Ledger's DeathIn Michelle Williams' first network interview since fiance Heath Ledger died in 2007, the actress looks healed and happier than in years before.

Which isn't to say the empty void left behind has been filled; when asked in her ABC interview if the meaning of Heath Ledger's has settled in over the years, Williams can't put it into many words.

"I've found meanings around the circumstance but the actual event doesn't have it, I can't find it," Williams says. "I can't find a meaning for it."

In an otherwise upbeat interview about her blossoming success from 'Blue Valentine' and working with Ryan Gosling, Williams notes that one of the things she struggled with for the longest time was dealing with the fact that life can easily change in an instant.

"I can kind of got obsessed with that for a while. A lot of things died," Williams said. "There's a line from a book that gave me so much comfort and it says when you've truly lost everything, then at least you can become rich in loss." See the interview after the jump.