Broadway's ill-fated 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' will indeed go dark Wednesday night in order to make its set safer after a performer in a Spider-Man costume plunged 30 feet on Monday night when a cable snapped during an aerial stunt -- the musical's fourth accident since October. An investigation into the fall revealed that someone failed to attach top stunt man Chris Tierney's harness properly.

The 'Spider-Man' company met yesterday with federal and state investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the New York State Labor Department and Actors' Equity to discuss "additional safety protocols," 'Spider-Man' spokesperson Rick Miramontez said yesterday in a statement. "It was agreed that these measures would be enacted immediately."

Those new measures, focusing on a three-step process to ensure proper harnessing before each stunt, were announced Wednesday by Maureen Cox of the New York Dept. of Labor.

Cox told reporters that before each stunt, the operator or stagehand will fix the latch to the harness of the performer. Then, another stagehand nearby will verify that it's attached properly. That second person will then be in contact with the stage manager to verify the measures have been completed.