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Wilson Phillips -- Defining Moments

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Wilson Phillips Recall Facing Their Personal Problems, and Overcoming Them

There are times when a person has to hit rock bottom to make a major change for the better in his or her life. In the case of sisters Wendy and Carnie Wilson, two-thirds of the pop group Wilson Phillips, they had to overcome personal obstacles to get to where they are now.

Wendy reveals to PopEater that in the late '90s she had to take a job at a furniture store after being in financial straits. One day at the store, she heard a Wilson Phillips song on the radio that made her run to the bathroom and cry. "It was just very bizarre," Wendy recalls. "I just remember thinking I've got to figure out how do I get out of this. I needed to find my way."

It's like the defining moment of being frightened ... and making a change in your life to help yourself.

Fortunately moments such as a tour with the Beach Boys helped Wendy regain her footing. "I think it was humbling. Once I had no money, I really started to appreciate little things."

For Carnie, her defining moment happened when she woke up one morning weighing 300 pounds and couldn't move one side of her face. She recalls having health problems for a month and she was 31 at the time. "That moment was very defining for me because I took it like a sign from God -- like God was saying, 'Freeze ... and look at the state that you're in physically because you're gonna die.'"

Carnie had a gastric bypass surgery and said that her health problems went away. She got married and had children. "It's like the defining moment of being frightened ... and making a change in your life to help yourself. That's what I did."

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