On Friday, following surgery on his back, Broadway actor Christopher Tierney took his first steps since his disastrous 30-foot plunge off the set of 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' on Monday night.

As the stunt man's condition improves, Tierney's father tells the Associated Press that the injured aerialist can't wait to return to his role, and also says that his son received a Christmas Eve visit in the intensive care unit from the production's director, Julie Taymor.

While Tierney, 31, recovers from his injuries -- including four broken ribs, a hairline skull fracture, a bruised lung, cracks in three lumbar vertebrae, broken bones below the elbow, and internal bleeding -- he is spending Christmas weekend in the hospital, with his brother and mother by his side. He will reportedly remain hospitalized until "at least" Monday, after which he'll receive rehabilitation care in New York City.

From his New Hampshire home, Tim Tierney told the AP that the pins and rods his son now has in his lower back will come out after he heals. The proud father felt optimistic about his son rejoining the 'Spider-Man' cast, even though his medical team hasn't specified how long a full recovery could take. "Doctors, they're always pessimistic," the elder Tierney said.

He also described the support his son has received from those involved in the production: "They're eagerly awaiting his return...He just felt so blessed to be part of this whole creative process, and he just cannot wait to get back and perform in the show."