2010 WTF Pop Culture
It's not even New Year's Day yet, but the hangover from the wild adventure that was 2010 is already throbbing. WTF happened in 2010? Why were so many celebs acting so crazy? This past year had such a huge batch of mind-boggling moments, it was almost like a staged episode of the craziest reality TV series ever ... cranked on Four Loko.

Although the moments were crazy, they were also enjoyable, whether it was Joaquin Phoenix's bearded charade, Prince proclaiming the death of the Internet or Frankie Muniz drumming for an Arizona indie rock group. To recall all the great WTF moments from 2010, we at PopEater had to call for back-up from our friends/Internet masters at Urlesque to get the job done right. Without further adieu, live through the best WTF moments of 2010 one last time.