Phillip BlochPhillip Bloch is an authority on celebrity style, and he's got the clientele to prove it.

The bubbly stylist has worked with A-list stars like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry and the late Michael Jackson. He's appeared on 'Bridalplasty,' 'America's Next Top Model,' and as a commentator on VH1, E! and CNN. Earlier this year, he compiled his shopping and style tips to create 'The Shopping Diet,' a guide to looking fabulous while staying frugal.

"When I have to think about who really needs a stylist in Hollywood, I have to say Ke$ha! Call me, you need me! 'Cause what you're doing is just not working," he exclaimed when asked about the worst dressed celebrity of 2010.

Bloch joined forces with PopEater to talk about what fashion sucked and what rocked in 2010! Watch the video after the jump.