Peter TorkWhen Monkees bassist Peter Tork heard that Susan Boyle had covered the prefab four's '60s pop hit 'Daydream Believer,' his first reaction was, "Good for her." Tork tells Popeater that he has nothing but admiration for Boyle and her unusual story. "Can you imagine? You wait and you wait and you wait, and it's way past the time anyone else has ever got famous, and boy! Her first appearance was breathtaking. I was so impressed. What resonance. A great resonance. Yeah!" he says applauding the 'Britain's Got Talent' sensation.

Obviously, there are some very nice royalties to be had when a song is featured on the best selling album of 2009. But Tork's enthusiasm isn't motivated by money. He won't see a penny from Boyle's cover.