This New Year's Eve, Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer will be hosting an 'All American New Year' on the FOX News Channel. Scheduled performers include Rick Springfield and Katharine McPhee; sadly network star/rocker Mike Huckabee will not be thumbing along on the bass. Hemmer, by day the host of the top-rated 'America's Newsroom,' spoke to PopEater about how much he loves Times Square and the great Dick Clark, plus the anchor strongly defends the 'Fair and Balanced'-ness of FOX News.

So why should we watch you guys instead of Dick's rockin' New Year's Eve show?
Well he's great, he's terrific, he set the standard. He's the reason we all do a show, but we just have a ball, a blast doing the show and we like to think we have the most fun.

Are you saying that Ryan and Dick don't have fun?
They might but I haven't seen their show in six years because I've been out in Times Square. It's a great night for Americans to sit back and tune in and perhaps think a little bit about what we've been through the past twelve months and even more so prepare ourselves for what we're about to go into. At least for a couple of hours you can have a great time, get yourself a drink and sit back and relax and tune into FOX. I guarantee you'll have fun with us.