Bon Jovi Closes 2010 as the Top Grossing TOur of the YearEven though rock stalwarts Bon Jovi got the cold shoulder from the Hall of Fame this year, they still have reason to smile -- the band scored the highest-grossing concert tour of 2010. The Los Angeles Times reports that according to Pollstar, Bon Jovi made $201.1 million on concerts worldwide in 2010.

Not surprisingly, the top five is filled with classic rock groups like U2 ($160.9 million), Metallica ($110.1 million) and AC/DC ($177 million). Lady Gaga (No. 4, $133 million) is the only relative newcomer to squeeze in.

According to the report, Bon Jovi made nearly half of their cash abroad and the rest ($108.2 million) on North American soil. Jon and the Jersey boys weren't the top ticket seller in North America, however -- they finished second to the Dave Matthews Band, who sold 1.27 million tickets to Bon Jovi's 1.18 million. Justin Bieber moved 987,000 tickets in 2010.