The newest, and probably most polarizing, season of ABC's 'The Bachelor' premieres Monday, Jan. 3 (8 p.m., ET) and will star returning bachelor Brad Womack.

But will the addictive dating game, famous for its over-the-top flirting and whirlwind fantasy getaways, be taking love more seriously this season?

Womack's first stint on the reality series ended notoriously in 2007, as the Texan solemnly walked away from his final two lovestruck contestants, not having proposed to either one. It's a move he may not have taken, had he known what he was walking into: the wrath of outraged 'Bachelor' viewers across America.

Now, after "intense therapy" and "soul-searching," the 38-year-old entrepreneur -- who admits to commitment issues stemming from an absentee father -- is back like a boomerang, resuming his search for a soul mate.

However, he won't be the only one this season with an emotional story to tell. This week, Life & Style reports that two women vying for Womack's heart actually have heart-wrenching backstories, both involving the devastating loss of loved ones.