Well, she made it without cursing on camera, anyway! After she dropped an F-bomb during last year's New Year's Eve broadcast with co-host Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin rang in the new year by celebrating her survival of what she deemed 'Yank Watch 2011' -- as CNN reportedly welcomed her back for a return engagement only under the condition that she watch her language, or be literally pulled off the air this time, if she slipped up.

But while she cleaned up her act for her fourth live stint broadcasting with Cooper from New York's Times Square, Griffin was still as ridiculously unprofessional as ever with her silver-haired anchor pal: Throwing his fancy new glasses into the crowd, punching him in the stomach, chiding him for his "so predictable" Ralph Lauren wardrobe, making out with a producer while he talked, and attempting to undress him as the countdown to midnight neared.

The controversial comic also lobbed some grandiose fibs to viewers (Griffin: "Katy Perry, performing next!" Cooper: "No, no, she's not."). The redhead even tried to incite a faux frenzy by promising "Justin Bieber Live!" right after the ball dropped, and right before a commercial, with no time for her CNN co-host to correct her.

After the jump, check out a clip of Griffin and Cooper's broadcast, including the Times Square 'Auld Lang Syne' at midnight, and a spectacular fireworks display heralding the new year in Dubai.