One of newlywed Russell Brand's 2011 resolutions just might be: Think twice before you tweet.

The outrageous British comic, married in a lavish October ceremony in India, decided to post an unflattering snapshot of wife Katy Perry to his followers.

Brand, 35, quickly removed the candid closeup, but not before it leaked to fans and the press.

In the Twitpic, Perry, 26 -- known for her impeccable styling -- appears to have just woken up to a camera aimed at her pillow. She's seen grimacing, without any makeup on her face.

Over the holidays, Lisa Rinna tweeted a casual family pic in which she's seen in her pajamas without makeup, and the TV star proudly defended herself after a follower made a nasty remark about her appearance in the photo. But in Perry's case, the bleary-eyed image that Brand went public with struck many as the kind of prank most couples would laugh about privately, and then delete off their camera.

Let's hope the duo's famous sense of humor survives this mini-scandal! Perry's hit 'Teenage Dream' does kick off sweetly: "You think I'm pretty without any makeup on." Still, that intimate lyric doesn't exactly translate into: "You think the world should see me without any makeup on...Go for it!"