A standing-room-only audience in northwest Chicago was seriously startled Saturday night, when Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame legend Chuck Berry fell ill midway through his performance. After he reportedly bent his head to rest it for several seconds on his keyboardist's piano, his team at the Congress Theater intervened. A source on the scene tells PopEater the singer did not lose consciousness, but was escorted off the stage for an exam by paramedics.

By the time the 84-year-old entertainer returned to the stage 15-20 minutes later, many in the crowd had left because of an announcement that the show was over; Berry nevertheless thanked the fans who remained before exiting the venue in a limo. Berry signed a release declining further medical treatment, according to a Chicago Fire Department spokesperson familiar with the incident.

"All I know is he felt faint, he felt weak, and I was told to call 911," concert promoter Michael Petryshyn told the WGN/Chicago Tribune team at Chicago Breaking News, shortly after Berry's departure.