Read the First Excerpts of Snooki's 'A Shore Thing' Faulkner, Hemingway and Fitzgerald may be widely acknowledged as America's preeminent literary talents, but none of them have gotten down with The Situation in a hot tub. This is where Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi enters the equation.

The 'Jersey Shore' star's first novel, 'A Shore Thing,' is scheduled for release this week and early buzz has contenders for the National Book Award shaking in their boots.

Snooker's prose encompasses all of the subtlety we've come to expect from the pocket-sized party girl, from the terse descriptions of her lifelong passions to the exquisitely-crafted allegory between her emasculated "juiceheads" and Puccini's tragic heroine in 'La Boheme.'

After the jump, we contrast Snooki's work (courtesy of the New York Post) with the literary greats, whose talents she has not only equaled but clearly surpassed.