Going to rehab is the best thing David Arquette could have done for himself, said the actor's 'Scream 4' director Wes Craven. "I'm glad to hear that David is going into rehab," Craven told Entertainment Weekly, noting that Arquette was a familiar face on the set. "He was in a lot of pain, so it's good that he's getting some help."

Arquette's stint in rehab and his separation from wife of 11 years, Courteney Cox, who stars with him in 'Scream 4,' won't hurt the movie at all, Craven tells EW. "Those are both very professional people," said Craven.

Still, the legendary director said he was surprised by the couple's separation, which they announced in October. "Frankly, none of us knew anything was going on [during filming]," Craven told EW. "I don't know what their problems are, but it's not that they hate each other that's for sure. It's something else."

Cox later told PEOPLE that she is proud of Arquette for seeking help. "I really admire David and his choice to take charge and better his life. I love and support him."

Like Craven and Cox, a friend of the couple said rehab is a positive step for Arquette. "He desperately needed to go," the friend told PopEater. "It's a good thing. He's been having a lot of problems since the breakup."