Gwyneth Paltrow to Host 'SNL' With Musical Guest Cee LoGwyneth Paltrow may have taken his angry anthem and made it a family-friendly hit on 'Glee,' but Cee Lo Green doesn't seem to be harboring any hard feelings against the actress.

The Grammy-nominated 'F**k You' singer has signed on as the musical guest for the upcoming Paltrow-hosted episode of 'Saturday Night Live,' scheduled to air on Jan. 15, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and rumor has it that the pair may even perform together.

Just last week, the Soul Machine told PopEater that he was gearing up for a recording session with Paltrow.

"I am actually supposed to go into the studio with her in the next few days," he said. "We are doing another personalized version of 'Forget You,' but who knows? We may do something spontaneous."

Check out Gwyneth's version of 'Forget You' after the jump!